Talks from Wednesday, June 17

Dr. Susan Lees Miller on Repair of ionizing radiation-induced DNA damage

Dr. Siham Sabri on Hallmarks of Cancer

Dr. Liu Stanley on radiation and normal tissue response

Dr. Liu Stanley on Tumor Microenvironment

Dr. Francis Rodier on Radiation-Induced Cell Fate Decisions

Dr. Theos Tsakiridis on Cancer Metabolism and Radiation Biology


Talks from Thursday, June 18

Dr. George Shenouda on Fractionation in Clinical Radiation Oncology

Dr. Bassam Abdulkarim on Clinical and Biological Implications of SABR

Dr. Thierry Muanza on Chemoradiation

Dr. Jean-Claude Bertrand on Targeted Therapies in Radiotherapy

Dr. Janusz Rak on Oncogenic Driver Mutations and Implications for Radiotherapy

Dr. Jan Seuntjens on Monte Carlo Techniques in Radiation Biology

Yves Archambault on Knowledge-Based Treatment Planning


Laboratory Talks from Friday, June 19

Ayman on Clonogenic Survival Assay
Experimental Protocol for Clonogenic Survival Assay

Please note that the prism file could not be uploaded due to website restrictions. Please contact to have the file emailed to you.

Jose Joao Mansure on Gamma-H2AX Western Blotting
Experimental Protocol for H2AX Western Blotting

Zhor Mouhri on The Comet Assay
Experimental Protocol for The Comet Assay

Mariia on the Senescence Assay
Experimental Protocol for Senescence Assay
Senescence quantification example excel file